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Why use a Missions Agency?  Why can't the local church send its own missionaries?

The local church could send its own missionaries.  But there are some pitfalls, and a lot to learn, to do, and to sustain.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Some, no doubt, enjoy re-inventing wheels.  But the problem is that the new missionaries can suffer in the re-inventing process!

GLOBE UK provides many services that can be difficult for an individual local church to give consistently, such as: a standardised candidate approval process; cross-cultural orientation; financial, legal and tax consultancy services; promotion of missionary projects to an international audience; information resources to missionaries about new trends, services, and other things related to missions; assistance in printing and distributing monthly newsletters; and, of course, the monthly receiving and distributing of financial support from individuals, churches, businesses, and other organisations nationwide.

It is affiliation with an agency such as GLOBE UK that gives the missionary the possibility of support from those in other churches.  Put simply, if a local church by itself sends out and seeks to support a missionary, those from other churches are unlikely to send their financial support, since it feels like giving to another church.  But they will support the missionary through a neutral missions agency, which seeks to serve the whole church.  This "broadening of the base" is a vital safety factor in cushioning the missionary against the fluctuations, changes, or temporary problems that can affect any one local church from time to time.

Relationally, GLOBE UK gives missionaries a sense of belonging to a "family" of international missionary colleagues, in addition to the family of their own local church.  It means they can be in contact with others who understand the special challenges and pressures of being on the foreign mission field, in a way that those back home in the Church simply cannot.

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