What we do 

For missionaries and intending missionaries ...


You may be an intending missionary, or at least be considering missionary service.  What should you do?  Perhaps we can help.


Are you praying about becoming a missionary or wondering if God has called you to this?  If so, the article, "Are You Called To Missions?" gives some advice and practical steps to take.


Or perhaps you're convinced that this is the will of God for you, but you haven't yet connected with a missions agency.  We would strongly recommend that you link up with a missions agency of some kind, rather than just one local church, or, much worse, as an independent "lone ranger".  It may be helpful to read the article, "Why Use A Missions Agency?"


It may be that you find yourself already on the mission field, but without the support of a missions agency.  Perhaps you were sent out by your local church, but over time the sense of belonging has waned, or, for whatever reason, the relationships are not what they were.  Although we have no desire to dishonour existing relationships and arrangements, it may be that we can help.  Have a good look around the website, then please feel free to contact us.

Are You Called To Missions?
Some advice and practical steps More ...
Why Use A Missions Agency?
GLOBE UK provides many services that can be difficult for an individual local church to give consistently More ...