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Great Commission

Churches tend to be good at maintaining themselves and looking out for their own members.  Many churches are committed to reaching out to their local neighbourhoods and communities.

But Jesus gave a command to His apostles, and therefore to the Church, that goes way beyond this.  We call it the Great Commission.  More than simply an opportunity, for the Church it is a responsibility.  GLOBE UK helps local churches face up to and fulfil this responsibility.

As pastors of local churches we clearly reach out to people in our general locality and seek to build community.  But we're also called to the world.  We feel the weight of the Great Commission given by the Lord Jesus.  Anything less than a focus on the world falls short of this Commission.
How can one local church, or even a group of local churches, be world focused?  How can our people grow to be world Christians?

GLOBE UK can help by connecting even a small local church with world missions.



Do You Have a Missions Programme?
Do you have people called to missions work?
Why use a Missions Agency? Why can't the local church send its own missionaries?
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