What we do 

Resourcing, Equipping and Sending


GLOBE UK facilitates those called to missions to go, and partners with the local church in sending them and supporting them, and others, on the mission field.  We do this by:



We resource individuals, pastors and local churches in a variety of ways, including

  • Missions conferences in local churches
  • Worshops and seminars
  • Distributing information, leaflets and books that focus on world missions
  • Promoting missionaries and missions projects

In a more focused way, we equip individuals, pastors and local churches, for example through

  • Helping churches develop a missions policy
  • Encouraging the practice of "faith promise giving", a method of giving usually ascribed to A.B. Simpson (1843-1919) and popularised for missions by Oswald J. Smith (1889-1986)
  • Training missionaries for cross-cultural ministry
  • Candidate School for intending missionaries
  • Advising regarding insurances, social security and other vital matters

Partnering with local churches in sending those who are called to their mission field, and also

  • Assisting with missionary placement
  • Handling support arrangements and financial accountability to donors and missionaries
  • Distributing newsletters
  • Supporting missonaries in legal matters
  • Providing missionary care