About Us 


Ken SumrallIn 1964, in the beginning stages of the Charismatic Movement, Ken Sumrall founded Liberty Church in Pensacola, Florida.  From within this Church, Liberty Bible College emerged in 1966, drawing enthusiastic students from all over the area.


Then in 1973, Ken Sumrall formally established the missions sending agency Globe Missionary Evangelism, later renamed GLOBE International.  These organisations became a “three-fold cord” in cooperation.  Many young men and women were drawn to Pensacola to attend Bible College, where they were steeped in the values of the Church.  Then many of the graduates were sent all over the world as missionaries under GLOBE.

Brad ThurstonIn 1990, Brad Thurston, himself a GLOBE International missionary, founded GLOBE Europe as a European missions agency, based in Germany.  GLOBE Europe was founded as an independent organisation, yet with similar aims to GLOBE International.  In 2003, GLOBE Europe – Switzerland was established.

In 2004, Brad Thurston established GLOBE Europe – UK.  In 2010, this began the process of becoming an independent though related organisation known as GLOBE UK.

All of these now cooperate in the GLOBE Network, and share common values, common training minimums, and reciprocity agreements for financial support across the Network.