What we do 

Do you have a Missions Programme?

GLOBE UK can help you involve your Church in world missions.  This takes place particularly through:

  • Conducting workshops and missions conferences in local churches
  • Promoting missionaries and missions projects
  • Distributing information, leaflets and books that focus on world missions
  • Operating as a secure means of conveying funds to the intended missionaries and missions projects
  • Helping churches develop a missions policy
This last point is a key to effectiveness and motivation.  Some churches may want to be in support of at least one missions interest on all five continents.  Others may seek a missions focus that reflects the strengths of the Church, perhaps in teaching, or children, or working with the poor.  With missionary contacts of all kinds and most parts of the world, the GLOBE Network can help.  A Church Missions Policy is worked out in consultation with you and your team.

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